Tumbling Shoals Baptist Church
Monday, March 18, 2019
How do those outside view TSBC? 
After our 2012 Expository Preaching Conference,
we received a lot of feedback that we want to share with you.
"We are so grateful for the invitation...this
conference will help us better serve the kingdom
and I know God will greatly bless us
as well as you for your investment in our ministry"
-Chris & Carmen
"Bro. Miller said you hoped to model excellence.
You very definitely did that.  It is encouraging to me that churches our size (mine's nearly the same as TSBC) can do beneficial, big things
for the cause of Christ--and do them well."
- Allen, KS
"The generosity and hospitality
that you showed us
was a beautiful picture
of what Christian love should be"
- Phillip & Amy
"My wife and I have never felt so welcomed
and at home as we did at TSBC.  To realize that
your church sponsors such an event was impressive.
Then to further learn the involvement of your congregation in missions and outreach was overwhelming.
TSBC is a model New Testament congregation."
-Tim, AR
Dear Saints of Tumbling Shoals,
Thank you, thank you, thank you in Jesus’ name for providing the opportunity for me to attend the Expository Preaching Conference. 
It is my conviction that you are making the most significant
investment in the lives of ministers of any church in America. 
The great need of the turbulent hour in which we live is that men of God PREACH!  Sadly, what is passed off today for preaching is little more
than the Dr. Phil or Oprah Winfrey show with a good word for Jesus thrown in for seasoning.  However, a distinct, stark and unmistakable example shines like a lighthouse from your lives and convictions—the clarion call for expository preaching. You are making available, in a practical and easy-to-assimilate fashion, how to preach the Bible the way God intends it to be preached.  The encouragement and investment
you are making in the kingdom of God is priceless.  Would to God that one church in every state of the U. S. provided such a venue!"
-Leland, IL
WE give thanks to God that He allowed us to serve in this manner!